Metaphrasis: specialist Greek-English translation and localisation services

We receive many CVs by e-mail from translators who wish to work with us. Please bear in mind that if your e-mail does not meet the following criteria, it will almost certainly be discarded.

  • Your e-mail must be entirely in plain text. HTML and attachments, in particular Word documents, will all be deleted unread. If you do not know how to produce such an e-mail, you are unlikely to have the skills we require.
  • The bulk of your e-mail must be in British English, since we need to make a quick assessment of your grasp of the language. You are advised to check your text for spelling and grammar.
  • You must provide a working, permanent, return e-mail address. Be aware that accounts at Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo and the like do not give an impression of professionalism or permanency.
  • You should send your e-mail to

Note that we will only retain your CV if you offer translation from Greek into English, and if English is your mother tongue. A relevant technical background (of almost any kind) is essential; language qualifications alone are not adequate.

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