Metaphrasis: specialist Greek-English translation and localisation services

Translation and localisation services

Metaphrasis specialises in Greek-English technical translation and localisation in the fields of engineering and computing.

We will translate any document within these fields: this includes

  • specifications
  • invitations to tender
  • manuals
  • company internal documentation
  • magazine articles
  • websites and associated scripts
  • promotional materials
  • entire software packages

We are happy to work to your exact requirements, for example to emulate a particular established house style.

What we don’t do: unfortunately we cannot offer to translate from English into Greek. We would strongly recommend that you seek out a Greek native speaker with an appropriate specialist background to do such a job.

Ad hoc interpreting services

We offer a range of ad hoc interpreting services tailored to suit individual requirements. Each case is different, so please contact us for further information.

Find out about our rates.

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